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My goal with this blog is to bring you perspectives from my past, peppered with insights and facts on the future of food, farming and health – providing “food for thought, action and personal responsibility.” As a registered dietitian and a sixth generation farm owner in Kentucky, the connection of farm to plate is part of my DNA. I have spent my career navigating the connections between food, health, agriculture and consumer behavior. Together, we will dig into the complex and ever-changing story of who grows our food, what’s in our food, and how food affects our health and ultimately our lives.


Fresh Goes Beyond the Produce Aisle

Fresh Goes Beyond the Produce Aisle

Growing up on small family owned dairy farm, wasting food was not an option, both from a monetary perspective and family well-being. As a small child, my father had experienced folks stopping by his family’s farm asking for food in exchange for work during the Great...

Take 2: Does Sustainability Influence Your Food Purchasing Decisions?

Take 2: What Does Sustainability Mean to You?

In case you miss the Informed Consumers survey question in the January issue of The AgriNutrition Edge Report, "Take 2" minutes to answer the question today: "What does sustainability mean to you?” Results will be published in the upcoming February Report. To make...