2021 Issue 11: Time to Reset Our Expectations? Let’s Be Realistic, Resilient and Respectful

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Newsletter

apple display at grocery storeFrom families visiting apple orchards and pumpkin patches to combines humming late at night in corn and soy bean fields, it’s harvest time across the country. This year, among the fruits of our labor is the reality of supply chain snafus. Shortages and rising costs are being felt from farm to table as the effects of the global pandemic play havoc with a range of food and consumer products. The latest issue of my newsletter looks at how farmers and retailers are working to close this gap and whether it is time to reset our expectations of having what we want, whenever we want.

salt and pepper shakersThis issue also highlights newly released FDA guidance for voluntary sodium reduction in commercially processed, packaged and prepared foods. With approximately 70% of our sodium consumption coming from these products, this guidance is welcome news, but as consumers we play a role as well.

Finally, I feature an upcoming speaking engagement at the Royal Food & Nutrition Forum where I will be sharing insights on the topic “Exploring the Complexities of Sustainability from Farm to Fork,” which will look at the role sustainability plays in shaping food systems and addressing nutrition and hunger, as well as the responsibility of all stakeholders along the food value chain, including nutrition professionals.