2020 Issue 12: To Buy or Not to Buy Cage-Free Eggs? That Is the EGG-CELLENT Question!

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Newsletter

eggsLast week, when another supermarket chain announced its commitment to a 100% cage-free egg supply by 2025, I had to ponder this question. Is the momentum to revolutionize the egg industry consumer-driven or agenda-driven? Is the movement about animal welfare, sustainability, nutrition or the bottom line? If the commitment by the current list of 229 grocery and food companies to transition to 100% cage-free eggs by 2025 is implemented, the question of “buy or not to buy cage-free eggs” may no longer be the question … but the new reality. A new reality that may come with the unintended consequences of affordability across the food value chain. Read more about this trend in the latest issue of The AgriNutrition Edge Report. This issue also looks at some basic facts about eggs and explores what to do if you received those mysterious seed packets in the mail.