2020 Issue 5: Don’t Panic! We Have Food, Please Share

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Newsletter

Empty grocery store shelves during a crisisWe are living in a new reality and food is vital to our existence. But we have to stop the hoarding and remember some basic rules. First, don’t panic! There is enough food to feed us all, but we have to share. It’s not just about feeding ourselves, but making sure there is enough food to feed the communities around us. Our personal actions always have a larger ripple effect than we think.

We also should only buy what we will use and what we need for a week or two. Be patient with and thankful for those in the food industry who are working overtime. Get take-out from local restaurants. And don’t forget about area nonprofits, food banks and hot meal delivery programs that need extra resources during challenging times. On a brighter note, it’s officially spring so take the opportunity with your “stay at home” time to start planting some seeds. Read more about all of this in my recent issue of The AgriNutrition Edge Report.