2020 Issue 8: Will the “New Normal” Become Normal in Our Quest for Food?

by | May 17, 2020 | Newsletter

change is in the airThe latest issue of The AgriNutrition Edge Report looks at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our food shopping behaviors. In the past two months, regardless of where we are in the “farm to fork” process, we have changed. New consumer research shows we are purchasing more frozen foods, “center-of-the store” items and store brands than pre- pandemic.

As we move through the coming months, we will not go back to our “normal.” Everything that touches our lives — work, education, travel, entertainment and food — will morph, evolve and change. The question is, will our current habits revert to pre-pandemic ways once the economy starts opening or will the “new normal” become normal in our quest for food? All these questions are being analyzed, tracked and surveyed by many, but the outcome lies within our own path forward. And with our changing purchasing habits, comes the need for more space.

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