2021 Issue 13: Tracking Trends for 2022 — It’s Vintage with a Technology Twist

by | Dec 11, 2021 | Newsletter

2022 spelled out in block lettersIt’s that time of the year when we juggle our energy between the holiday season and the year-end rush to finish the long list of 2021 projects. We reflect on disruptions experienced during the past two years, while simultaneously celebrating our resiliency and innovation. Food supply chain disruptions may have altered our expectations of “what should be on the shelf” but we have food — thanks to the food supply chain from growers to retailers. The challenges of producing food more sustainably will continue to drive farmer practices, innovations and consumer expectations as we turn the page to 2022. This issue of The AgriNutrition Edge Report looks at how food and agriculture trends may unfold in the coming year and how sustainable agriculture is more than a phrase. I also reflect on the recent Sustainable Agriculture Summit I attended last month in Nevada and offer two book giving recommendations that will provide food for thought and lively conversation. I hope you have a happy holiday!