2021 Issue 3: Don’t Let Fresh Get in the Way of Eating Healthy

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Newsletter

photo of canned goodsToo many times, we equate “healthy” with only “fresh” forms of food, especially fruits and vegetables. But, since the 18th century, we have been canning food to have nutritious and safe options regardless of the season or situation. February is Canned Food Month so think beyond the perimeter of the store (online or brick-mortar) for “good for you” options. Don’t let fresh get in the way of eating healthy. The latest issue of The AgriNutrition Edge Report looks at the facts.

almonds growing on treeThis issue also highlights the allure of the almond, its U.S. roots in farming and the enjoyment of the nut, which has “its day” during February. Snacking has trended upward during the pandemic and my go-to snack is usually almonds, which are healthy and a home-grown product. More than 80% of the world’s almond supply is grown in California!

Finally, this issue features a new book that is “food for the soul.” Check out “Crossing the Line: A Fearless Team of Brothers and the Sport That Changed Their Lives Forever” by Kareem Rosser for an inspiring memoir of a collegiate polo player who leads his team to a national championship despite significant hardships and the story of how I met him.