2021 Issue 7: With the Rise of Plant-Based Milks, Is It Time to Say “Move Over Cows”?

by | May 14, 2021 | Newsletter

Dairy aisle in grocery store shows variety of milk products being soldGrowing up on a dairy farm, I had two options for milk, whole milk with cream on top or without. Today is a different story. With the advancement of technology and the constant drumbeat of environmental and health concerns about cow’s milk expressed by some, the dairy aisle is brimming with options. And with the rise of plant-based milks it may be tempting to say “move over cows.” But before we kick the cows out of the barn it’s important to know the facts. Find out if your choice of milk provides the health benefits desired in the latest issue of The AgriNutrition Edge Report.

This issue also highlights Food Allergy Awareness Week. If you are one of the 85 million that have food allergies or are part of a support team, you know the seriousness of food allergies. If not, it’s time to learn. Your knowledge may keep someone out of the emergency room. This issue looks at five facts of food allergies. Take time this week and month to get up to speed. Finally, read what food scientists are saying about expiration dates and food waste in a recent article from Inverse.

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