2022 Issue 8: Don’t Make Foodborne Illness the “Life of the Party” — Think Food Safety

by | Jun 12, 2022 | Newsletter

Scene of picnic with basket, blanket and bookThe long hot days of summer are here! For many of us, the return of music festivals, picnics, family celebrations and Farmers’ Markets will top our “to do” list this month. But amidst our celebrations, realities persist. Higher food prices heightened by global unrest and droughts in the Western U.S make us appreciate the value of our food. We also need to be reminded of the challenges of growing food. Farming of any scale and size is risky business but farmers continue to innovate to reduce the environment impact of their operations.

This issue of The AgriNutrition Edge Report includes a special salute to dairy farmers and the innovations they are adopting, as well as a review of how pasteurization methods can affect milk expiration dates. Finally, the issue looks at the steps we can take to keep our food safe during summer activities.