2022 Issue 9: Rockin’ the “Robots” Makes Cows True Bovine Princesses

by | Jul 1, 2022 | Newsletter

Robotic milking system at Idaho's Heglar Creek Farms

Robotic milking system at Heglar Creek Farms

Summer is in full swing! Fresh tomatoes, ripe peaches and sweltering heat are just a few pleasures and realities of the season. Likewise, acres of bright green corn and soybeans dot the landscape in some areas of the country, while parched, dry land in the West and Midwest are reeling from drought. Regardless of the conditions, farmers and producers alike are stepping up to the plate to find the next solution.

In this issue of The AgriNutrition Edge Report, read how technology is improving the lives of the cows and their human caretakers, and how cows are the original upcyclers. Finally, as we celebrate our country’s independence this weekend, the “pinch” of rising food cost will be felt … but there are ways to save. Most importantly, though, remember that the gathering of friends and family is priceless.