June 2024: Are We Committed to Sustaining the Earth?

by | Jun 5, 2024 | Newsletter

Spring has suddenly sprung into summer with the recent celebration of Memorial Day. With the continued spring rains and warmer weather, backyard gardens are once again a reality, and farmers’ markets are open across the country. Likewise, farmers are frantically planting (and in some areas, replanting) crops for fall harvest. It’s a reminder that the Earth (from our universal view) is awake and ready to embrace the sun, rain and warm temperatures to sustain the next crop of soybeans, our backyard tomatoes or the thoroughbred foals frolicking in central Kentucky pastures.

South Island, New Zealand

South Island, New Zealand

While the influx of flowering trees and green grass had been my immediate landscape over the past couple of months, I pushed “pause” on spring (and this newsletter) as my husband and I returned to New Zealand to visit our niece and embrace the autumn harvest and gold hued vineyards. Perhaps, it was most fitting to be in New Zealand during April’s Earth Day, recognizing that a “day celebration” only brings positive results when it becomes a collective long-term commitment every day. Whether its spring, summer or fall, sustaining the earth is a “call to action” for all!

And speaking of a “call to action,” the continued influx of avian flu in chickens and now, in dairy cows, is a reminder that practical food safety protocols are our greatest shield against disease. We just need to do our part. Happy Summer!

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