June 2024: Celebrating the Cow & Dairy Farmer: A Commitment to Quality from U.S. to New Zealand

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Newsletter

New Zealand dairy farmIt’s officially summer!! For some, thoughts of beach vacations, music festivals and a relaxed work schedule are top of mind. For farmers — large and small — the workload doubles, and sometimes triples, depending on weather. From negotiating cutting hay between rain to dealing with too much or too little water, the stress of the growing season can add clouds to those sunny days. But the sun shines bright on dairy this month, as June is National Dairy Month! From ice cream to chocolate milk, it’s still about the cows and all the dairy farmers far and wide. Whether it’s in the U.S. or New Zealand, producing milk in a sustainable way is top of mind.

And if the backyard garden is already producing more zucchini than creative ways you have to eat it, try one of my “tried and true go to” recipes. Finally, want to know where your milk is produced? I have details on how you can “crack the code.” Enjoy the summer and remember … a little ice cream is a refreshing way to tolerate the heat!

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