2023 Issue 5: The Story Beyond the Plate — A Reflection of Mongolian Culture and Land Intertwined

by | Sep 8, 2023 | Newsletter

Livestock in MongoliaWith Labor Day behind us, our summer quests (and sweats) start to fade, leaving us with memories, smiles and miles behind us. Like many, my travels this summer — from across the country to across the oceans — opened doors to new adventures and reminded me that while food is a common denominator it also provides unique perspectives as our culture and land influence what we eat and grow.

In this issue, read about my Mongolia adventure and new perspectives. To bring food influences closer home, I also share how family memories shaped some of my late summer meals. And speaking of meals, September is National Family Meals Month tm. Take the time and return to the table. Sharing food and thoughts with family and friends is a recipe for good health! Reflect and enjoy!

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