2020 Issue 16: Reflections of Resiliency … Actions Speak Volumes

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Newsletter

A Thanksgiving tableThis is not a usual Thanksgiving season. But it is our reality. Perhaps this year our celebration reflects more accurately the resiliency of our forefathers 400 years ago at Plymouth Rock than typical years. Since March, we’ve seen disruptions in our food distribution systems but also resiliency. This year, we need to start anew and be grateful for one of the basics of life — our food — which we’ve often taken for granted. Based on the Thanksgiving lore of the Pilgrims’ “five kernels of corn,” I offer my “kernels” of thanks to all, from the farm to our table, who have protected our food system during this unprecedented season. They are true reflections of resiliency.

This issue of The AgriNutrition Edge also highlights my recent experience growing kale and reminders about safety in the kitchen during the holidays. Read it all here.